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Tastykake – WTF?

Dear Tastybakers,

What have you done with our beloved Tasty-Klair Pie?????

I used to look forward to consuming the delicious 21 grams of fat, washed down with an ice cold glass of whole milk.

At first, I thought it was some sort of a one-time manufacturing deficiency at your new high-tech bakery at the Naval Ship Yard… I was comfortable sleeping at night knowing I must have gotten into a bad batch, and all would be well the next time I stopped into the local Wawa on my way home from somewhere.

… and then it happened again. … and yet I still made excuses.

It turns out, that was a case of denial.

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Chester’s Pastry Pantry is along Route 9 in Somers Point, NJ.  As it is my job to fetch the pastries each Saturday and Sunday morning, I try to change it up.

While we alternate in Ocean City between Ward’s Pastry, Dot’s Pastry and Brothers 14th Street Bakery (each of which will get reviewed in time for the summer season), on a few occasions I trek early in the morning across the bay to Somers Point to Chester’s.

Chester’s is known for great donuts, danish and bread/rolls.  But they’re famous for their honey buns.

They are available with raisins or with nuts and raisins.

These little puppies are a slice of heaven.  Fat filled, gooey but not messy, and explosively sweet.  In short:  they are delicious.  Seek out Chester’s and try one.  You will thank me.


506 New Rd
Somers Point, NJ 08244


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