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How hot would you like your Chang sauce? -Towelie

While a talking towel did not wait on me, the rest of my PF Changs experience boils down to this:  The best part was the company who joined me for dinner.

Chain restaurant Asian food is something I’m suspect of to begin with, but when the waitress talked up the lettuce wraps (below) they’re ‘famous for’ I was excited.  When I tasted them, I wondered if they were famous because they sucked.

Crab wontons were just ok.  Not great, not bad.

The fried rice with dinner was quite tasty.  The sweet and sour chicken wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.  One of my friends had the Changs Chicken (their version of General Tso’s) which was very good.

Overall I didn’t care for the atmosphere and wouldn’t hurry back to PF Changs, but I can’t say it was terrible.  I just prefer local chinese restaurants to the chains.


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On occasion we’ll feature a restaurant of yesterday – no longer in operation but memorable for some reason.

Johnny Cross Italian American Restaurant was a mainstay along Route 73, in operation for over thirty years from the late 60’s until the turn of the century. (more…)

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Posting abut the Plymouth Meeting Mall a few weeks ago made me remember Clover, the discount store chain by Strawbridge & Clothier.

There were two Clovers who were the mistresses in my life.  The first one, in Andorra (the Philadelphia region, not the country you only hear about during the Olympics) was in the Andorra Shopping Center.

The snack bar in the front of the store was a standard feature at Clover stores.  They sold about a dozen flavors of ice cream (bing cherry rocked the hizzy), Icee Slush’s (cherry was always best), soft pretzels, hot dogs and soda.  Maybe it was the experience of getting that treat when we were 5 or 6 or 8 or 9 years old, but those pretzels were so good – always warm and toasted and the Icee mixed so well with it. (more…)

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****Update May 2009:  Agave is now closed. *****

AgaveI had reason to be in downtown Ambler today and decided to meet a friend for lunch.  He offered a variety of options and I rarely get to dine with someone who likes Mexican food, so I picked Agave Cantina and Grill.

Agave opened a few years ago in the space formerly occupied by the heralded arrival of Ralph’s Italian Restaurant (Jimmy Rubino’s transplant from South Philly).   I ate there once.  The service and food was lousy, I never went back.  Neither did most other people because Ralph’s folded after a few years.

Agave seems to be doing well.


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