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Grilled Cheese & Crab Cake Company

I have driven past the Grilled Cheese & Crab cake Company in Somers Point, NJ a hundred times over the last half dozen years with every intent of stopping in some time.  Because it is along the route into or out of my destination Ocean City, NJ I am usually not in search of a meal when I pass and think of it.

On Good Friday, the last non-meat Friday in Lent this year, the restaurant came to mind when I was thinking about dinner.  So, I took the trip over the bridge out of Ocean City to Somers Point.  I arrived at 7:30 p.m., with dinner service running until 8 p.m.  Two other tables of diners were seated and ordering.

I was quickly greeted and a drink order taken and menus left for me to peruse.  As you would expect the menu had many choices involving crab cakes or various takes on a grilled cheese.  A full slate of seafood and non-seafood appetizers was available as well as Chili, Cream of Crab Soup and Cream of Tomato soup offered daily, along with specials including Chicken Orzo.  Any soup can be made “angry” by adding jalapeno and chinese spicy oil.

I ordered the Cream of Tomato soup and a dinner basket combination of Fried Shrimp and Crab Balls, fried miniature crab cakes.

Cream of Tomato Soup

Cream of Tomato Soup

The soup arrived about 10 minutes later.  It was very good, but it was either a dressed up Campbell’s canned tomato soup or it was a remarkably successful attempt to recreate the Campbell’s recipe at home.  I enjoy Cambpell’s tomato soup, but I was expecting something a little creamier.  Next time I would try their “famous” Cream of Crab soup as several other tables ordered it and it looked very good.

Fried Shrimp and Crab Balls Basket

Fried Shrimp and Crab Balls Basket

The entree arrived shortly after I finished my soup.  The shrimp and crab cakes rested on a large bed of french fries, which I picked at but barely ate, along with two containers of cocktail sauce (both it and tarter were offered) and a very creamy side of cole slaw, which I also enjoyed.

Crab Balls (Miniature Fried Crab Cakes)

Crab Balls (Miniature Fried Crab Cakes)

The crab balls and shrimp were boiling hot and it took a long time for them to cool on top of hot french fries.  The miniature crab cake balls were a healthy mix of crab and filler.  A little more filler than I would normally enjoy, but I found these to be a nice balance.  They were not too firm, but not runny either.  A nice crispy fried coating helped hold it all together.

The fried shrimp were fresh and large with a double fried coating on the outside.  The shrimp inside were fully clean (sometimes you get surprised by shrimp that haven’t been deveined) and tasty.

I burned my mouth a number of time because I was too impatient to wait for it all to cool.

Dinner was $22.00 and the menu included a wide range of sandwiches, platters and appetizers.  Homemade desserts in a cold case display looked good and included a vanilla buttercream Easter cake, apple pie, regular and chocolate cheesecake and an offering that looked like coffee cake but lacked a label.  I wish I had room to try dessert, but I did not.

Service was friendly and attentive.  My only gripe was they offered only Pepsi products, no Coke.

I will try this place again some time.  I waited too long.  Their website does not appear to be functioning at this time

55 W Laurel Dr
Somers Point, NJ 08244
(609) 601-7533

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Underwhelimingways’s @ the Grand.

It has potential, but boy did it disappoint.

We really wanted to like the place.  I saw them advertise in Wildwood Catholic’s playbill for “The Little Shop of Horrors” and thought I should patronize them because of that.   “Add it to our list,” I said.

We went on a friday night in January.  Good crowd inside, the bar was full and the restaurant area was perhaps half full.

Three cokes and a cocktail took ages to get.  At first we werent’ sure if it was the bartender or the waitress.  In retrospect, it was the waitress.

Appetizers:  Again, took ages, despite the waitress repeating it would be out shortly.
Sunset Salad – “one of the best things I ever had”
Wedge salad –  Best part about my wife’s meal.
Shrimp Cocktail – This must have been just prepared (and iced) because part of the shrimp was warm, while other parts of the shrimp were ice cold.

Main courses: Took too long.
Kid’s filet mignon tips – too rare for “medium rare”, had to ask for ketchup (which took forever)
5oz Petit Filet – maybe it’s hard to cook a small steak medium rare, but it was mostly well done and dried out.  The garlic mashed potatoes were good.
8oz sirloin – “dry and tough”
Veal Maryland – veal was tougher that it should have been (at a restaurant like that), but the sauce and crabmeat were good.

Our drinks were emptying by this point and the waitress brought refills without our asking.  Which was a pleasant surprise.

Looked like everything was some variation of chocolate – very attractive.  But we had enough of the slow service and went to a diner for pie.

Sorry guys, I don’t think I’ll be going back.

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The Varsity Inn appears in all the old postcard and photo books of Ocean City, NJ in days of yore…it has operated under different names but has been the Varsity Inn since 1969.  I had never been inside until this past summer when my brother and I had breakfast there on his recommendation.  The breakfast was delicious, with omelettes freshly prepared and the crowded but fast moving dining room waited on with adequate attention.

Signs outside, inside and on the menu all boast of the Varsity Inn’s Baked Jersey Tomato Soup.  So famous they advertise quarts and pints of it on the menu.  Not really being a breakfast item, I resolved to return some time for lunch to try to the soup.

A crisp and overcast autumn Sunday saw me in Ocean City and looking for a place to have lunch with my mom and my brother.  I suggested the Varsity Inn and was not disappointed.  The restaurant was every bit as crowded in October as it is in July and it’s open year round for breakfast and lunch.

The soup did not disappoint.  It was creamy, freshly made, topped with a light cheese and crouton crust and my mom and I both savored each bite.  My brother ordered the chili which he reported was a little spicy (the way he likes it) and it was also topped with cheese and fresh chopped onions.

I ordered the turkey special (cole slaw and russian dressing on rye).  The Varsity roasts its own turkey breast which always scores high marks with me.   Nothing is worse than lunchmeat turkey.  The sandwich was very good, served with a small bag of chips and two pickle slices.

My brother ordered the chicken salad wrap and the freshly made chicken salad looked very good.  My mother ordered a roast beef club which was perfectly prepared – not too large but with moist roast beef and fresh lettuce and tomato.

All told I will make it a point to visit the Varsity on my next trip to the shore and I recommend it for both breakfast and lunch.  Or go for breakfast and get some take out soup for later.  It’s worth it.  The menu is extensive for both breakfast and lunch with daily specials.  The usual breakfast offerings along with a menu heavy on sandwiches and salads for lunch.

The varsity theme is carried throughout the decor with college pennants hung around the pressed metal roof.

Varsity Inn

605 E 8th St
Ocean City, NJ 08226
(609) 399-1500

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The view from the Route 52 Causeway (aka 9th Street Bridge)

This restaurant has had many incarnations over the last decade.  For a while it was The Waterfront, then it tried to go upscale chic and was Sails.  They changed their name to The Inlet last year but the menu stayed upscale chic and not very good.  A new menu drew a return visit and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.


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I thought I had reviewed Dock’s Oyster House in Atlantic City before, but evidently I have not.

Simply put:  It is my favorite restaurant that does not specialize in steak.  (Peter Luger’s in New York (Brooklyn) and The Chophouse in Gibbsboro, NJ top the steak list.)

The short history:  Dock’s has been around 1897 serving classic seafood (fried and broiled shellfish and mild whitefish and, of course, oysters).  But this is not just your typical broiled and fried fish ship.  This is very, very nice restaurant with both modern food and the classics offered.


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We’ve resolved this year to eat out more and try new restaurants this summer at the Jersey shore.  Our first experience, at the new Ocean City Seafood Co. in Ocean City, NJ is an experience I hope we don’t duplicate or we’ll be back to cooking and ordering in.


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It’s tough to screw up a burger, but the Princeton in Avalon, NJ even managed to do that.

My Thanksgiving weekend visit to this summertime mecca in Avalon was a disappointment in just about every respect.  We know the bar there is pretty kickass.  That’s a good thing, because nobody is going for the food if my visit was any indication.

There were six of us in our group and we were famished when we reached the Princeton following Stone Harbor’s annual Christmas Parade, always held the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We got seated right away and the pleasant parts of the evening ended there.

They were out of oysters.  In fact, they were out of all raw bar items.

The she crab soup I started with was lukewarm and didn’t have much flavor.  I asked for some Tabasco sauce.  It never arrived so I just ate it as is.  French Onion soup at the table was reported to be ok.

A Crab Cake sandwich was unimpressive, the ribs were spicier then advertised (and not very good) and my burger was…well…as I said I didn’t think it was possible to screw up a burger, but they succeeded.

I might drop by the princeton some time to grab a drink, but I’d never eat there again.

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