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It is a pretty good bet if MaGerks was around when George Washington and his troops were marching by during the Revolution, they would have stopped in for a sandwich and a beer.  The former Bent Elbo Tavern reinvented itself last fall as MaGerks, the third outpost of a Maryland-based restaurant operation run by area natives.


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The Franklin Fountain opened in late summer 2004 .  I made my first trip there in the waning days of 2009 and was quite fascinated by this attempt to recreate a turn-of-the-century soda fountain.  I can see myself sitting next to Mark Twain sipping a hand mixed soda when I’m inside the Franklin Fountain.  The space is very narrow but the attention to detail is impressive. (more…)

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I’ve always been fascinated by Elvis’s horrid southern low and slow cooking diet.  It is not what killed him (prescription drug abuse did) but he would not have likely lived to see his 70’s eating the way he did.

That said, I’m a huge Elvis fan and own a bunch of cookbooks put out on his behalf included the coveted holy grail, the Presley Family Cookbook put out by his uncle Vester (who was a Graceland security guard) and one of his cooks, Nancy Rooks (the only one of Elvis’s cooks still alive).

While the pan fried peanut butter and banana sandwich gets all the headlines, Elvis professed the best sandwich he’d ever eaten was the Fool’s Gold Loaf sold by the Colorado Mining Company (long since out of business).  The full story of Elvis and the sandwich is here: Fool’s Gold Loaf.

The sandwich was pretty simple:  A loaf of italian bread is hollowed out, covered in two tablespoons of butter and placed in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes.  Fry up some bacon, a bunch of creamy peanut butter and grape jelly.  Cover the top half with jelly, bottom half with peanut butter and put still warm bacon in the center.  Slice and serve.

I always wanted to try this.  Tonight I did.  It was really good.  I’m not going to make it a regular thing, but maybe every August 16th…Elvis’s anniversary of departing to the great beyond.

Have a wonderful evening, King.

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Pimp That Snack

 I stumbled across this website the other day and it’s recipe for a giant sized Twix bar.  It is a very cool way to kill a little time, offering recipes (with photos) of how to take your favorite snacks and make them Andre The Giant-sized.

My favorite (so far): the gigantic Rice Krispy Treat.


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My memories of Linvilla Orchards begin as a small child.  My mother would load up the whole family and trek us out to Linvilla, which seemed like a whole other world from our city streets in Philadelphia.  We’d go each autumn to pick our pumpkins, eat candy apples, caramel apples and cider donuts and go on the hayride through the woods and orchard fields.

Linvilla, in Media, is a year round farmers market and working orchard.  As an adult, I’ve made treks there every so often, including one yesterday on my way to the shore.  I picked three pies from their 40 varieties (yes, 40 kinds of pie.  Put another way:  enough pie to last a month and a week and a half and not eat the same pie twice) and some cider donuts.

The cider donuts are cake based, fried fresh (and served hot) and drenched in a perfect cinnamon/sugar mix.  The pies are, and I say this without hesitation, the best pies I’ve ever had.

Linvilla offers fresh year round produce, much of it produced in their own orchards.  They have <insert current fruit here> festivals.  Right now it’s Peaches.  In the latter half of August it will be tomatoes.  In the fall it will be Pumpkin Fest and Pumpkinland will open.

Pumpkinland scared the shit out of me when I was little.  All the goblins and such.  The same displays I saw as a child are there now and don’t scare me as much.  It is worth the drive to visit Linvilla in autumn and see the displays, pick your overpriced pumpkins and buy way too many yummy things from the bakery.

But if you go for no other reason, go for the pie.  

Linvilla Orchards

137 W. Knowlton Road 

Media, PA 19063

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I came across these tonight at CVS.  Picked up a small can.  You might think they look mighty tasty.  I did.

I was wrong.  They are a lot of pepper and not much salt.  Cashews are one of those nuts I think needs the salt to complete the flavor.

Stick with traditional cashews.  The salt and pepper ones are a let down.

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Jelly Top Cookies

These were my favorite cookies growing up.  My dad loved them too.  Then they disappeared from supermarket shelves.  I used to be able to get them at a farm market not far from the house.  But then they stopped carrying them.

A simple butter cookie with a hardened and sticky raspberry jelly top.  These are not to be confused with the cookies from the eastern European Jewish tradition that are filled or topped with a jam-like jelly.  No, these are totally artificially wonderful.

They get stuck in your teeth, they are dry enough that they require milk and you can easily eat half a package of them without noticing.  They are fab.

If you find them somewhere, let me know.

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