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Why wait to post about this?  It’s on my mind today.

Bassett’s Original Turkey may be the greatest tribute paid to the turkey since Ben Franklin wanted to name it our national bird.


City Paper did a story on the rise and fall of the franchise.  They did one thing and they did it well:  they roasted fresh turkey breasts, cut them down in front of you and made the most delicious sandwiches and salads with them that you’ve ever had.

They still do at the Reading Terminal Market, under the name “The Original Turkey” since Bassett sold the franchise to morons who promptly ran it into the ground.

As a side note, said morons have begun using the name and selling prepackaged, cold knock offs in rest stops along the PA Turnpike.  Don’t be fooled.  That’s just a turkey sandwich.  It is not a Bassett’s Original Turkey sandwich.

Yes, it’s the same Bassett family famous for their outrageously rich in butterfat ice cream sold in the Philadelphia region.  So much butterfat, in fact, that plastic spoons break off when you’re trying to eat (personal experience).

Click to read the whole city paper story on Bassett’s.

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