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Charlie’s Bar is one of Somers Point’s famous saloon and restaurants.  Along with the Anchorage, Mac’s, the Dunes, Tony Mart’s….some still around, some gone, it was the bar crawl of the south Jersey shore set.

Surprisingly, I’d not been there before my visit last night.  The bar is a nice size (and oh do I ever appreciate New Jersey’s anti-smoking ban in places like Charlie’s) and the restaurant is cramped but not uncomfortably so.  However, this is not a place to have an intimate or serious conversation unless you’d like Flo from Margate dining with her son and grandchildren at the table next to you to know your business.

My bloody mary was nice and spicy, the beers they served were ice cold and plentiful, the waitress made sure our drinks were always full and the menu is large offering excellent wings, many appetizers, sandwiches, salads and entrees.

One sour note and just one sour note:  The She-Crab soup might be about the worst thing i’ve ever had.  More like porridge, my cousin said he felt like Oliver Twist trying to eat the thick and floury bowl of crab crap.  Don’t ever order it.

Everything else – the wings with three different kinds of sauce (mild, hot and BBQ) and my most excellent Tuna Melt were delicious.  At $5.95 I felt like I should have offered them more money.

They offered entrees and I really wanted to try the black and bleu crab topped prime rib, but didn’t feel like a whole entree.

I recommend Charlie’s highly.

800 Shore Road in Somers Point, N.J.
Phone: (609) 927-3663

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