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Mrs. O’Leary’s Clam Chowder sits atop my list of favorite New England Clam Chowders.  Manhattan?  You can have the city that never sleeps and its red version of clam chowder.

Real chowder is cream based and the best New England clam chowder is hotly debated.

So I won’t proclaim Mrs. O’Leary’s “the best”, but I will say along with Friendly’s (of all places), it’s an excellent chowder.

Where does one get Mrs. O’Leary’s?  At Pizzaria Uno.

Who was Mrs. O’Leary?   Well, legend is it was her cow that kicked over a lantern and started the 1871 Great Fire of Chicago

Of course, the story is bullcrap but the soup is the fishizzle.  In 1871 if one wanted clams they had to live near a large saltwater source.  Chicago is about as far, especially in 1871 distances, from either coast as you can get.  So I doubt Mrs. O’Leary ever made or ate chowder, but I salute Uno’s for stealing her name for the soup. (more…)

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