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Coconut Chips

My sister recently returned from ten days in Hawaii and brought roadside, homemade Coconut Chips with her.  She brought two flavors:  sugar and then a salt and red and black pepper combo.

These are homemade – cut into small strips – and then slow cooked over a 24 hour period.  They are very tasty, with a healthy amount of coconut flavor infused with whatever flavoring they season it with.

For those of you who have never had pure coconut – it is not sweet.  It’s a very plain fruit, usually sweetened by sugaring it.  That’s the shredded coconut most of us are familiar with.

My sister picked this up on an excursion The Road To Hana.   Got them in Hana, Maui.  Very tasty.  So, next time you’re in Hawaii, try it.

If you can’t get to Hawaii, there is an email address on the bags:  coconutcandy@msn.com

Drop them a line and try this stuff.

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