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I’ve read about the Hula Grill on Ocean City’s boardwalk for a few years now and always intended to try it.  The write ups make the place sound perfect:  a chef who spent time in Hawaii, brings his Hawaiian influenced cooking back to the OC and serves up fresh fish dinners.

That’s the spin.  The reality was different.

I visited the Hula Grill on the first Saturday in August.  On a Saturday in August, I expect any restaurant at the shore to be crowded.  The Hula Grill had tables open, but was busy.

First things first, you order at the cash register and pay up front.  Then sit and wait for your meal.  The Hula Grill aspires to be a “sit down” restaurant, but is run more like a pizza shop.  The staff, I felt, treated us as almost an annoyance and when the food finally came, there was no 2-minute followup “is everything ok, can we get you anything”.

As for the dinner:  I tried a mixed grill which had a crab cake (which I did not care for), some coconut shrimp (which were tasty) and a piece of fish.  The fish, a piece of Ahi tuna, was so dry and overcooked, it looked and tasted like chicken breast. 

I will give the salad that accompanied dinner high marks, but overall my experience (and the experience of my dining companions) was such that we’ll skip this place from now on.

I’m much more interested in trying Opa, the crepe and gyro place run by a nice Greek family next door.  More on that after I give it a try…

Hula Grill

960 Boardwalk

Ocean City, NJ


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