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The In-N-Out Burger appears frequently in US Magazine and Star Magazine as photographers snap pics of your favorite stars grabbing some burgers showing they’re “just like you and me”.

I’ve heard good things about these burgers.  The restaurants only exist in four states:  California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

The lowdown:  They invented the “drive thru” and their first restaurants were only drive thru’s (hence the name In-N-Out).  They have dining rooms now on the new ones they build.

The menu is, and I kid you not, entirely as follows:  Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger.  Fries, Milkshakes and soda.

That’s it.

Their big pitch is they do everything fresh:  never frozen burgers, fresh hand cut fries, real ice cream milkshakes…

It was ok.  I didn’t really care for it.  I do like Carl’s Jr. on the west coast, though I know their deal is different then In-N-Out.

*** UPDATE 8/1/2010 ***

As promised I visited In-N-Out burger again on my most recent trip to Vegas.  First, the location closest to UNLV had lines stretching into the street on Saturday afternoon.  This was impressive.  I did manage to revisit the location I went to the first time and this time I went inside to sit down and have a proper meal.

I ordered a single (I don’t like double or triple burgers) with everything:  the sauteed onions, sauce, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.  I also ordered fries animal style and a coke.

Again, the burger and toppings were fresh.  Getting the fries animal style provided some healthy insight into what it is I don’t like about In-N-Out burger that it’s devotees do like.  I don’t care for the sauce.  It is similar to McDonalds Big Mac sauce in composition, but far more savory.  McDonald’s sauce on the Big Mac has a certain sweetness to it that I like.  It’s missing here.

Don’t get me wrong, I think people who love In-N-Out burgers know what they like and are passionate about it.  I did try my burger with some ketchup.  I think if I were to try a burger there again I’d get it without the fried onions or the sauce.

So try it and see for yourself if you’re ever out west.  Not my cup of tea, but maybe you’ll be swept up in the hysteria.

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