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I had a rare occasion to be in the city on a weeknight for a casual dinner.  My entire ride to South Philadelphia was consumed with one thought:  I hope my friend wants to go to Villa di Roma.

I am a reverse snob about italian food.  I am of the firm belief that it should be made by a little old lady in a kitchen that has old school appliances and be slathered in the best red sauce you’ve ever had.  If the joint has red and white checked tablecloths, all the better.

Villa di Roma in the Italian Market has white linen tablecloths, but that’s about as classy as it gets.  The wait on a weekend can be an hour or more (but the bar is a plenty friendly place to hang out), parking is frustrating and they don’t take credit cards; cash only here folks.  Despite all this, it is worth the pilgrimage. (more…)

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