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The $.99 shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate Casino began in 1959 as the $.50 shrimp cocktail – the first such deal offered in Las Vegas.  It has become part of the quintessential Vegas “deal” kitsch along with $1.99 steak dinners and all you can eat buffet’s for absurdly low prices.

While the megaresorts have raised the cuisine bar substantially (and the prices) older, smaller casinos still run those old Vegas deals to keep the locals and the bargain hunting clientele.

I did not find the Golden Gate Casino, located downtown in “old Vegas” on Fremont street, and it’s infamous $.99 shrimp cocktail on my own.  I was directed there some years back by a well off Vegas fan who loves good food as much as I do.

“You gotta try the shrimp at the Golden Gate”.

This is not the best shrimp you’ve ever had.  It is the best shrimp you’ve ever had for a buck.

It is served in tulip sundae glasses, the way it should be.  They make their own, fabulous cocktail sauce (nice and zesty).  The shrimp is usually chilly if not ice cold, the way it should be.

New management raised the price to $1.99, but if you sign up for the free players card at the front of the casino, you still get it for $.99

They also changed to a larger shrimp.  It used to be the petite “salad” shrimps.  They are now larger, but still not especially big.  Normally I’d complain about such a thing (how small they are), but here it works.

So the next time you’re in Vegas, make your way to the back of the Golden Gate Casino and try a few shrimp cocktails.  They are an essential part of my visits.

Golden Gate Casino

Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV

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