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I didn’t think our first food post would be about tragedy.

It is a sad week in breakfast history. On Tuesday, the inventor of the Egg McMuffin died in his Santa Barbara home. Herb Peterson was 89. He died peacefully.

He was a franchisee and former vice president of the advertising company owned by McDonald’s, but will be best remembered for his innovative notion that an entire breakfast piled into your hand is tasty.

He was very right. The Egg McMuffin has been with us so long I hasten to say I was surprised to hear someone invented it. I have not known a world without the Egg McMuffin. Peterson is responsible, I say, for generations of children assuming English muffins should taste slightly soggy — and that the perfect ham should be round and small and that the fluorescent cheese in McDonald’s breakfast foods is unlike any creation on Earth.

Man, I love those things. Thank you Mr Peterson.

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