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Well, it is the unofficial beginning of the summer season at the Jersey Shore – Memorial Day Weekend.

The Holy Trinity of Ocean City food consists of Kohr Brothers Ice Cream, Johnson’s Popcorn and Mack & Manco’s Pizza.  It is the latter which we will review today (but will get to all the others this summer).

I won’t go into extensive detail – so many have tried this pie and everybody has their opinion.  It breaks down into two camps:  “Greatest Pizza Ever” or “I don’t get what the big deal is?”

I understand the I Don’t Get The Big Deal folks:  different strokes for different folks.

But the Greatest Pizza Ever crowd, well, they line up in all weather, year round, at three different locations in a 5 block area on the Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk to get their Mack & Manco’s fix.


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