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So, my sister emailed me today and asked if I remembered “The Hungry Pilgrim” restaurant.

Of course I do.  She asked where it was.

I think there were two.  One in the Willow Grove/Warrington area (I think).

The other locale I am certain of:  It was at Germantown Pike and Plymouth Road.

It was The Hungry Pilgrim.  Then it became B. Rathbone’s.  Similar menus.

Pizza Soup

I remember one menu item:  Pizza Soup.

It had a “crust” (kind of like French Onion Soup has that bread at the bottom) at the bottom.

It had a tomato sauce style broth – and baked cheese.  And pepperoni baked into the cheese if you wanted.

It was awesome.  I remember eating it as a kid.  The rest of the menu was typical american fare.  It was a good place to grab a bite.

Rathbone’s folded up shop around the turn of the century (20th to 21st).  Pizza soup was taken off the menu a few years before that.  Coincidence?  I think not!

It is now a Mattress Giant.

If you stop in and try the Sealey or the Serta mattresses clear your sinuses and take a good whiff.  You might just smell the pizza soup in the kitchen.

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