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 Madonna makes older people feel hip when they cop to liking her music.  Granted the product she puts out is still quality stuff.  Her albums sell, her music is good, but she’s for the older generation.

For the over 50 set of foodies and Philadelphia Society, Georges Perrier is their Madonna.  His restaurants are still a great quality, but the man made his mark on Philadelphia when Jimmy Carter was in the White House and Frank Rizzo ran Philadelphia.  That’s a long time ago.

Today, the limousine liberals who installed Michael Nutter as Mayor and the suburban McMansion owners who embrace culture by dining in the city have embraced their food star of today:  Marc Vetri.

Hmm…a few years ago I would have called him their Britney Spears.  But I can hardly see his parents staging an intervention with Doctor Phil.

Lacking a witty comparison with a hip starlet (feel free to comment on your own) I’ll tell you about my meal(s) at Vetri’s Osteria.


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