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Perhaps the most enigmatic (and best) sandwich ever made at Wawa.

The Hot Turkey Shortie.

Strangely, the hot turkey sandwich, simmered all day in a nicely peppered gravy is not available at all locations. Indeed, it doesn’t even show up on the menu at Wawa.com.

It’s partner on the menu the “Open Faced Hot Turkey Bowl” doesn’t show up on the website either.

It is present above with lettuce and cheese only, and a few Doritos’ Ranch style chips. The beauty of the sandwich is the gravy… as the sandwich sits, the gravy melts the cheese and slowly starts soaking its way into the bun…. so that by the time you’re ready to eat, the sandwich is helpfully warmed all the way through…. and the ends make perfect gravy mops, to sop up the drippings.

The sandwich has been spotted at Wawas in Upper Providence and Limerick Townships in Montgomery County, enjoy.

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