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Jake reviewed our most recent trip to Snockey’s Crab & Oyster House just the other day.

I’ll briefly mention what I ate.

Only oysters…. washed down with a Clam Mary and a coke.

A typical visit of late starts with the oyster sampler… a dozen oysters with three or four varieties picked by the oyster shucker… washed down with a bloody mary with a few raw clams in it…. what Snockey’s calls a Clam Mary.

My sampler on friday with Jake & the Fat Family included three Wianno’s (from Cape Cod), three Long Island Salts, three Delaware Bay Bennies and three Cape May Salts.

Round two was a half dozen Bennies and a half dozen of the Cape May Salts.

Round three was six more Cape Mays.

Time constraints kept the volume down, as Little Miss Fatman had enough of sitting there watching me eat. She did however have her first oyster, a Cape May Salt. Not bad for a five year old.

All were excellent as usual, with mild salty flavors… not overpowering like the Pacific oysters tend to be.

Pictured below is the last round of Cape May Salts.

Side Note: There are reports of bacteria affecting Delaware River shellfish, which would include the bennies. No ill effects were felt.

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